Monday, April 21, 2008

DNA gathering now!

I am by this point extremely suspicious that the Texas CPS is in cahoots with law enforcement, who want to bust up the FLDS in Texas for good. The family relationship tangle within the FLDS is virtually impossible to sort out. Especially since they don't cooperate. They have incomplete, contradictory or non existent birth records. The children don't point to one woman and say "that's my Mom." They call all the women "Mother." And there seems a concerted coverup of who "Dad" is. They act like a community that views their family business as nobody on the outside's business. I can't blame them for that.

And if they were not guilty of under-age sexual relations, Statutory Rape, I would not be sympathetic to the Law at all. But it really is that simple: the Law wants prosecution. And it can't get prosecution without identifying the fathers, the husbands of under-age mothers. So the cooked up phone call for help (or an actual call, it doesn't much matter, since that unidentified girl is still missing); the taking of all the children, instead of only the pubescent girls; allowing the mothers to come along (totally against standard operating procedure); then peeling their outside contact away by confiscating all cell phones; then removing the mothers of children over the age of five; now the nursing mothers are going to be sent away. The children will be totally isolated in State "care." And every one of them is going to have their DNA recorded. The Law will compel the adults to submit their DNA. The matchups of fathers to mothers will ID which women were impregnated before the age of consent; i.e. the fathers guilty of Statutory Rape will be positively pin pointed. And the arrests and prosecutions can begin.

The insidious precedent about all of this should be obvious to anyone: the State (of Texas) has violated the requirement of probable cause in taking the children away. The only probable cause that tentatively existed in the beginning was about a wife being beaten and "raped" by her allegedly fifty year-old "husband." So there was no probable cause regarding any prepubescent children; and no evidence in the week-long search of the YFZ Ranch to give evidence of any "danger of abuse". Yet the children were taken anyway, and that was the reason given: "We are concerned for possible abuse and have removed the children to protect them." Their State care will end, I predict, as soon as all the DNA evidence is taken from them. They will be returned then. But that won't be the end of this. That will truly be only the beginning.

The rest of America's children are then equally at risk, should the State decide that their DNA is needed for any reason; or if they are "at risk" for any reason. Any cooked up "probable cause" can be offered. It sounds good in the news if it comes from high enough up.

I hope a lot of heads in Texas CPS and other government roll for this. I hope that Americans make an outraged cry over this. I hope that Americans view the FLDS as Americans and not "them". If we watch and say, "They had it coming, the State is right to get this DNA information and prosecute the parents for allowing their under-age daughters to be sexually abused by older men," then we are condoning State-sponsored tyranny in the name of justice. The dichotomy will not die with the FLDS being broken up: it will breed in that ground of religious prejudice, justification by any means, and the spawn of this precedent will consume others. The Mormons, the mainstream LDS church, could easily be next for a variety of closely-related reasons....

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