Monday, April 14, 2008

"M" is for "messed up"

It was, an, interesting weekend.

I do feel quite irrational this morning. If anyone were to charge me with being irrational, I would have to plead "guilty." Lack of a good night's sleep tends to do that to me immediately anyway. But it's a complex of things: being deprived of sleep was partially to blame on the book I get out when I want to read until sleepy enough: currently that is W. S. Churchill's 2WW history, volume Six. I hit the chapter, "The Martyrdom of Warsaw." Yegods! That will stick in my mind forever, I don't want to know more. For some reason, his dry writing style was quite sufficient to paint lurid moving pictures in my mind of the whole atrocity. (And the Russians have not seemed to change since those days, not one whit, really; Putin scares the shit out of me.)

What called this into "life" must be my imagined feelings of the FLDS mothers and fathers and their children. Ignore, for one moment, the fact that they are polygamists. Waiting to see what Texas is going to do is hard.

Also, I have "echoes" (text doesn't echo, but you know what I mean) of the exchanges I had yesterday at another forum (which shall not be named by me), mainly over accusations of condoning pedophilia, which seemed in the middle of the night when I should have been sleeping, like the ravings of lunatics. How can people make snap judgments of someone they haven't even seen or talked to? Because of written defense of a group of children? The topic had morphed into the accusations of pedophilia or condoning the same. It started when a poster asked: "Let me get this straight, do I understand you to mean that you think it's okay for a 50 year-old man to have sex with a 12 year-old girl?" To which I responded in the negative. But then I got carried away, as I usually do: I was on my idealism/altruism high-horse. I allowed that in some places in this world, a huge number of people still regard a girl of marriagable age when she is of child-bearing age. I erred in tying menarche to defining that age; then as the exchanges heated up, I corrected myself to include the size and proportion of the physical body as the final determining factor in "of child-bearing age." I defended the FLDS adults with benefit of the doubt: that I am sure (still) that they do not condone impregnating -- or even having sex with -- "under-age" girls, as in, not of child-bearing age. In other words, they judge each girl individually in determining when she can safely bear children, and marry her off accordingly. It is all very clinical and sounds as emotionless as caring for a horse. But that's the suspicion and fear and disgust (even hatred) talking. Well, when I allowed that a young woman "of child-bearing age" should naturally have the right to marry when and who she chooses, the lid blew off. I was getting accused of being a "pedo" myself, and this went over to that "other" forum (which shall not be named).

The injustice and vapid stupidity of the segment of the human race, which inhabits the Net and indulges in such "witch hunts", annoyed me enough to motivate me to compose a topic in my own self-defense. That was Saturday night. When I went to the forum (which shall not be named) Sunday morning, lo and behold, my self-defense topic was gone! And the two earlier threads frothing over me and the hated topic of the FLDS and child sexual abuse had been locked!? Inconceivable. Unprecedented: that forum had never done that before. So I feel flattered and alarmed at the same time.

Such feelings do not make for relaxing into sleep. This morning, I am in a frumpy mood. I want to gouge something worthy of being gouged: like someone from the CPS of Texas. They have now confiscated all cell phones and thus limited contact with the outside. The children are crammed into two "concentration camps." They are being medically examined and questioned and "traumatized." Their mothers claim that their children know nothing of the things they are being asked. I believe that. So, this morning's news indicates that the situation for the FLDS just gets worse. What could they expect? The mothers have sent a letter of appeal to the Texas Governor, detailing their plight, which includes having some children in the cramped conditions getting sick enough to need taking to a hospital.

Stupid people! You couldn't wait until the young women were 16 (or better still, 18, then no questions about age of consent asked)? One alleged 16 year-old at the Ranch already has FOUR children! If that sort of thing is true, the entire community is cooked.

I defend the right of people to believe what they want to, and to teach it to children. I do not defend the "right" to break the law. Ignorance or wilful disobedience, it makes no difference. The men and women guilty of condoning (even worse, compelling or forcing) under-age girls to "marry" should be prosecuted. According to Statutory Law the men and women (fathers and mothers, and their leaders) are guilty of Statutory Rape and are sex offenders. It doesn't matter if Nature determines otherwise (which is where I got myself into hot doodoo: defending a theoretical definition of when a girl ceases to be such and is now a woman: all motivated by a desire to help people see that the defining of "child-bearing age" to the FLDS is akin to Old Testament and Old World standards, ergo, not simply pedophilia running rampant): the Law of the Land decrees that a 15 year-old girl may not marry unless she has parental consent (well, yeah, of course she does at the "Ranch"), and a judge's endorsement. In Texas 14 years of age is right out. And the husband cannot be more than three years older than the girl. Since most of these girls are "spiritually married", i.e. they are wife number two-through-whathaveyou, they are simply being sexually abused according to the Law of Texas (and the USA). How could a bunch of religiously devout people be so STUPID? It boggles my poor sleep-deprivated mind....

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