Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Maudlin over muddled messaging

As the discussion has plodded on, I raised this interesting addition to the evidence of Texas CPS and police using excessive force and outrageous behavior as they raided the YFZ Ranch. And the "vocal" anti-FLDS group (interestingly, apparently all female, a point made by one of them and cited as significant for no specified reason) have not commented, not even after being prompted twice more by myself. Instead, they have all gone in a body over to "Hell", where one of them started a thread using my handle in a very rude and slanderous way. I have refused repeatedly to participate in their brand of "free speech". And they can't talk me around on the FLDS thread in "Purgatory", so they have now departed and are off to write rude observations about me on "my" thread.


Last peek I made of it, that Hell thread was already up to eight pages, that's over 350 posts. The letter is being denigrated as mere media hype to gather sympathy.

And I am getting to be quite the infamous fellow in some very limited circles in cyberspace. Which is too bad, since affecting others that way is counter-productive to why I even bother such lengthy exchanges over this issue. But I have to say what I must say. If only I could say it better....

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