Thursday, May 22, 2008

"M" for Marvelous

The Appeals Court has only just ruled in behalf of 48 (out of how many?) FLDS mothers; that is a victory for them all, of course, but only legally applies to the 48. We don't know how many children they have between them. And yes, it is likely that CPS will file a counter appeal.

As for this ever reaching a Fed court, that would be a rare thing indeed; as in the past, Fed courts tend to stay well away from family matters, leaving such to the States.

This is all good news. But these abused people are not out of the woods by a long stretch.

For anyone thinking that I am surprised by this, I am not: merely relieved that the situation in Texas isn't as bad as my fears and imagination painted it. The same thing happened back in '53: some over-zealous authorities charged in and threw their weight around, got burned badly and retreated (the AZ governor lost his bid for reelection over the fallout).

It appears with each further piece of evidence coming out of the actions of the legal defense for the FLDS, that the normal behavior of these families puts under-age "brides" in an extreme minority and nothing like the pervasive abuse that many have believed it to be.

I suspect, believing as I do in the overwhelming sense of love and duty to children that parents everywhere feel, that the "lost boys" phenomenon will also turn out to be focused in only a comparatively few families and nothing like a religion-condoned practice among the vast majority. The missing teen boys at the YFZ Ranch could have been missing for other reasons than simply being cast out into "the lone and dreary world". But those 2/3's missing are a great concern and this needs to be followed up as this whole mess is investigated.

What I do not want happening as part of this, is the Law dropping all effective investigation of the FLDS, and other religious whacko sects: I don't want the State getting burned and backing off scared. What I want, rather, is that the Law determine where crimes are being committed and prosecute the perpetrators.

None of this, however, should require the removal of all the children. Once they are returned to their mothers, and the State is starting to arrest the men who have engaged in sexual abuse of under-age girls, and forced out under-age boys, I will be content to move onto the next crisis that rears up to threaten innocent people in this Nation. I hope that others in great numbers do likewise, wherever they live.

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momentsthattakeyourbreathaway said...

Read Carolyn Jessop's "Escape." It's a well written expose on the much of the "behind the scenes" problems in this community.

Sadly, dad, the "lost boys" tales is not an isolated phenomenon but rather, business as usual in their community. (So much so that there is an actual organization devoted soley to helping these young men integrate into NORMAL life).

You could also look up "Carolyn Jessop" on and find several interesting interviews...