Friday, May 2, 2008

Meditating over mendacious meddling

Over on another forum (Ship of Fools) , I have been "having it out" with practically everyone participating there. A few others have been reasonably averse to the actions taken by the State of Texas CPS. Altogether, the climate of debate has for the most part been coherent. Compared to "the forum(s) that shall not be named", where I got into trouble earlier last month, Ship of Fools is positively penetrable as clear running water. But, the acrimony over this issue is such that, even there, the moderators this morning have threatened to close down the thread and forbid any further discussion of the FLDS "issue", if there is one more incident of personal attacks ("pigtail pulling"). So I added my "rebuttal", because I don't trust everyone there to play fair: someone will want to close down discussion (probably because they feel that they are "losing"), and get the thread closed and the subject banned from discussion. I have posted my rebuttal below:

As we have received our last warning; and as I don't trust some people participating here to not deliberately sabotage this thread, and close down any and all future speaking to the FLDS problem on The Ship, I want to hasten to say a few things:

As a final rebuttal, let me just say that there is much about our Nation's concepts of what is and is not Constitutional that are at great variance with each other, and much that needs addressing at the Supreme Court level.

The FLDS situation is very complex, made more so by the extreme action taken by TX CPS: removal of ALL the children is what has sparked this heated debate from the grassroots level all the way up to the Supreme Court; for make no mistake, the Justices are already talking about this too in private conversation.

What I expect to come out of it is immaterial. My personal views are immaterial. My views do not come clearly out of the snipped collection Mad Geo provided above: the context of my statements is lost. And trust this: I express myself in rather lengthy prose, not in snippets. So snippets do not convey the whole thought I was getting into.

What will come out of this is going to be good and bad for both the FLDS and for the State of Texas, and the Nation as a whole.

I hope mainly that the rights of parents are upheld and strengthened: this will require that Texas CPS is held accountable for excessive response to the FLDS problem.

I also hope that age of consent laws are upheld as Constitutional: in other words, that nothing the FLDS may throw at the existing Statutory Laws will succeed in vitiating said-laws as they apply to protecting minor-aged people from being victimized by adults. The freedom to practice religion will not include violating Statutory Law as it is established in this Nation at this time.

The main (most guilty) perpetrators of such past violations will be arrested, prosecuted, and join Warren Jeffs, Tom Green, et al. in prison for Statutory Rape.

Should the FLDS gain any victory, I hope it will be nothing more than an overturning of the Statutory Law currently prohibiting adult to minor age differences.

I have a concern that monogomous-only marriage will be shot down as unConstitutional as an outcome of all this, and I hope that doesn't happen. If it does, then the door to the FLDS system will be wide open.

If polygamy never is legally allowed, then the FLDS will be prevented from any free exercise of "child bride" so-called marriages: because bigamy/polygamy will remain illegal, ergo, no "parental consent" to illicit sex will be condoned. The FLDS will, perforce, have to wait to "marry off" their daughters until they are 18.

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