Friday, May 9, 2008

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The FLDS thread has been reopened!

The Ship of Fools Admins are not fools (a community that deprecates itself by such a title probably is not staffed by Fools: I thought that was probably true, all this time, and it is good to see that my assumption was justified).

Come and see Merlin the Mad in battle against "100 to 1" odds, defending "truth, justice and the American way." Not defending the FLDS per se. I don't like the FLDS! But I dislike Texas CPS right now even more, and for better (as in justified) reasons.

The thing that continues to puzzle and amaze me is that so many people can apparently read what I say and then respond as if I didn't say it or mean what I said. Case in point: a lengthy reponse on that page claims that I haven't addressed the issues raised: then proceeds to rehash the statistics of pregnancy among the endangered age group (making a comparison to the much lower pregnancy rate amoung girls in public schools), the evident number of "lost boys" from said-age group: and then raise the specter of education (are these children getting the schooling they are entitled too?). The inference is that somehow I have missed the point of why CPS had to take away those children. My response? Of course CPS is supposed to remove all children "in imminent danger", not to mention the children already being abused. I have said as much all along. What I will not be quiet about is the children of prepubescent age, because no imminent danger has been shown. Claims that State foster care is the correct answer for little children living in the abusive environment of seeing their older sisters pregnant and older brothers turned out into the world, are denying other claims that CPS is very reluctant to take children away except only in the most extreme cases of abuse. No evidence of "imminent danger" has been shown; much less anything to suggest extreme abuse, justifying a claim that State foster care (which has a four times higher death rate among children than in family-based life) is better than leaving them with their families: where, years later, they might be sent away, if boys, or married before legal age, if girls.

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