Monday, May 5, 2008

Monadism masquerading as moderation!

Originally posted by Mad Geo:....Oh yes, You've been called to hell.

MerlintheMad: I do not go to Hell, in case you didn't notice.

Mad Geo: Paint me surprised. Since that is the freest free speech zone on the Ship, I guess that really says something about your REAL position(s) on the Constitution/free speech. In the meanwhile, everything you need to know about your position(s) are now on that thread where they now have to be.

MerlintheMad: I dislike watching seemingly intelligent people demean themselves, by taking the time to come up with "clever" and inventive ways to use the "F" word; when they could take the same amount of time to express themselves with some thoughtful use of the vocabulary they no-doubt possess. How stupid is it to resort to crap language, when you've got all the time in the world to compose something with some class?

HOSTING: What an extraordinary piece of self-sabotage. I couldn't care less whether you "do not go to Hell" - you DO NOT participate in a Hell thread by importing it into Purgatory and making a personal attack on Mad Geo here. As you correctly said, MerlintheMad, that was the last warning.This thread is permanently closed and the embargo on any thread in Purgatory about the FLDS, child abuse, child marriage, the Texas CPS or any combination of those topics is in place until further notice. Duo Seraphim, Purgatory Host.


And there we have it: the inevitable shutdown, again, of any further talk about the FLDS, "child marriage", and the rest of it. Ironically, to me, I get blamed for making a so-called "personal attack." Anyone reading my response can see that I was explaining why I do not go to "Hell": how can you explain that without talking about what it is about people's behavior there that you find disagreeable?

In case you want to personally check out why discussion on the Ship of Fools "Hell" board is such a complete waste of time, you can take a tour of the place: then you will see why any discussion on this issue there would be ultimately pointless.;f=3;t=004225 See what I mean? Hardly any of the posts to that sad excuse of a FLDS topic thread have anything to do with discussion of the issue. Even the title of the thread is a personal slam, linking me with child molesters. The nerve and lack of integrity of some people's kids....

If there is a place populated by a high density of the "Three Deficiencies", it is Hell. (The Three D's are: deficient in textual analysis; deficient in courtesy; deficient in self-confidence: reading comprehension skills leave much to be desired, rudeness and "driveby" behavior is manifested, and "winning" an argument is the paramount goal, not discovering truth.

The Internet continues to disappoint me. I have been holding too high an assumption that the human race is enlightened. The amount of bigotry focused upon an unpopular people has opened my eyes. Most critics are not interested in anything that defies their construct defining those people. At best, that is bad enough. At worst, if a mob formed physically nearby, they would join in and "hang the bastards up by their dangly bits." (That is a direct quote from the individual I have been accused of "attacking personally.")


Author said...

If the internet community continues to disappoint you, perhaps you might want to evaluate that the problem lies with YOU.

MerlintheMad said...

Yea, verily, yea, I loathe 'puters from the getgo. I only got online to "promote myself" (as an author, don't ask). I think the medium sucks. I do not have any trouble getting along with living, breathing, physically-present human beings. The "virtual reality" aspect of the very same people (including my best friend of 39 years!) continues to disappoint me. But when I reflect upon my attitude going online in 2002, I realize that I should not be surprised. I knew in my gut, then, that the Net is a fatuous facile free-for-all. So I am only reacting to my original assessment illogically. I need to learn to take the Net populace for what IT is, not who they really are.