Monday, February 2, 2009

Why Fundamentalism should die

Fundamentalism is what keeps peace negotiations from proceding. It divides resources unevenly, along perceived lines of "us" and "them". It inhibits freedom for the classes that are less privileged. It hates equality, and fears it because it does not trust the non privileged to behave any differently if they get power over the privileged. It distrusts all talk of true democracy for the same reason: the voting block of privilege's enemies will grow and take over, and reverse the status quo.

If the vast majority of the world truly believes in equality they will see each other's children as beautiful, the most beautiful thing on earth, in fact. By this mark or gauge can you tell the level of your own openness to the concept of a non fundamentalist society: how much do you find the children of your neighbors beautiful? Would you die to save one of them?

What is the denouncement of fundamentalism? "When you love your own children more than you hate your enemies you will have peace."

I would say it this way instead: "When we love our neighbors' children as much as we love our own, war will cease: for no sane parent ever incited his children to kill each other!"

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