Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Water feature changes

Hi everybody. The winter weather has been so fine lately that I didn't wait for spring to rebuild the (dratted) water feature. Here's a couple of videos, the first one shows how it looked last summer. In the second video the wider waterfall in place of the little stream and miniature waterfalls is obvious. Much louder too! which is a good thing, as the pump has been getting noisier.

Here's a video from last spring, of Buster ("Oliver" to everyone but me) getting a loooong drink of water from the water feature, then going on a pounce.

Fine, this had better work....


stevenrayhoward said...

Cool! Nice job. Me thinks a few of those minature skulls one can purchase around Halloween time scattered strategically around the water feature would be an interesting conversation starter!

MerlintheMad said...

My wife would have a cow.... :)