Thursday, July 8, 2010

"M" is for money flow

Hi family. I just thought that if you have the time and interest you could check out this thread on Ship of Fools, where I, "MerlintheMad", have been proposing a fix to our national economic woes.

It's all about money flow: in brief, I propose that a federal law be implemented that makes refusing loans to incorporated cities, counties and States illegal; and that the money obtained by said-loans be used on the local level to put unemployed (or underpaid) people to work: not on "jobs" but rather on "gov't work" projects. Everything from cleanup to rebuilding and building new whathaveyou: there is no end to work that can be done. In exchange for said-work, goods and services will be supplied (also funded by the loans), which will include food, clothing, housing, medical care and education. Little actual spending money would be given (exceptions being to those most qualified and likely to reenter capitalism).

The immediate outcome of such a system would be revitalized capitalism and a work ethic in place of encroaching entitlement mentality....

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