Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Of visiting relations, non-starting cars and fireworks

Last week was fun and felt at times like almost too much family. If there was any acrimony in our family that we dreaded then it would have been too much family I'm sure. But since we all get along swell and look forward to that it was just right.

Jammon's family stayed overnight Saturday night at Page AZ, then finished the drive to West Jordan, arriving in the foyer of our church as the sacrament bread was brought out. Good timing there!

Monday, my brother Mark's family arrived while I was at our Mom's. I biked over and cut her lawns and was sitting chatting in the kitchen when they drove up. Mom invited me to dindin since my family was down Provo way, boating on Utah Lake, hiking to the "Y" and so forth.

Tuesday all who were interested (everyone here except Conrad and Moi) went to Lagoon; Nat would have except she was working. In the evening I drove "Little Red" (LR, Ricky's '92 Corolla) to my friend Rocky's for our weekly visit and watching movies.

Wednesday Mark's family met ours at the bowling alley in Kearns. I haven't bowled in I don't know how many years. My first-ever shot (back in Nov of '73; Mark took me bowling then too) was a strike and my first game was my highest, a 176. Each of my c. dozen or so games since then has had a lower and lower score; with (iirc) 48 being my low last game. This time I did a tad better: a strike on my first shot again and a score of 134, with a "turkey" near the end (that's three strikes in a row): if my last shot had been just 2 or 3 inches to the left I probably would have got a fourth strike in a row and beaten Mark by one pin. If you can't be good be lucky I always say. Silly game, really.

We had treats at the nearby Arctic Circle, and when I tried to start the Great White it only clicked for me! Amy said, "Dad, don't use those words in front of Brayden"! So I shut up (after it was too late). Mark took me to our house; I got the Voyager and came back to Arctic Circle for Gwendolyn and Sarah, and we met everyone over at my Mom's for a visit with her (because she'd said she wasn't going to go to the mountains the next day) before the sibling couples (and my Mom) went to Sweet Tomatoes, arriving c. 8 PM; Sarah, Melanie and maybe some other silly gurls went to see the "sparkly, moody vampire" movie.

Thursday, Amy and I went up to the Spruces via Lagoon! She had called one last time to see if anyone had turned in her missing bag, cellphone and thirty bucks: and someone had! So we went directly there, then to the Reams near the mouth of Big Cottonwood canyon, then to the Spruces and stayed till very late; Jammon and Conrad were last to leave, because they had to finish their Settlers of Catan card game. Amy cooked up char-broiled hamburgers for our family for dinner and they were very good.

Friday was a "down day", where only Mark's and Lori's families had to endure more fun together. I know I did a lot but can't remember at the moment what made me so busy. I did ride my bike down to UCCU to deposit the rent check (and get a swamp cooler switch at Home Depot, which I ended up returning), and I took Gwendolyn out to dinner at Village Inn that evening. The rest is a blank. In the morning Jammon's family hit the road, and Conrad went back to his apartment for some reason or other.

Saturday we all went over to my Mom's in the morning for the LAST egg hunt; we siblings have all agreed that we are done with that one. Then we all went to Chris and Lori's park as per usual for lunch and games, swimming and whatnot. Stopping off at the house on the way, I checked LR's automatic transmission fluid level and she needed over half a quart (I always do these things when I think about them, and advise you to do likewise; you develop a gut feeling for fluid checks and should never put that off when you think about it and know it's been a while since the last time you checked them). The food was made available, and I had to go get Conrad from TRAX: he missed the first train. But as I was napping in the van I didn't notice how long it took him to get there. We drove back and ate cold chicken, and everyone got involved playing croquet and whatnot (not yours truly: I sat around taking the occasional video and watching everyone and the moving sun, etc.) Evening, we went back to my Mom's for fireworks and ice cream bars and cookies, etc. That broke up well after midnight too. I was beat and the moment my head hit the pillow I was out.

Sunday, Mark's family drove out of here, and my Mom came over for dinner and to celebrate Alex's Bday. I did the usual mashed potatoes (with a liberal amount of skins on 'em, 'cause I only take out the "eyes" and any bad spots and leave the rest), chicken patties, little green round things (peas: Hunter Weintz's name for them from a Thanksgiving dinner many years ago); and Amy did the spice cake with vanilla frosting, and we had vanilla ice cream which NOBODY had touched in over half a week - the package was still sealed???

Monday morning, Richard Butterfield called to tell us our van was ready; no charge, as the problem was a bad wire connection, which they had overlooked when we had the starter motor replaced c. 2 months ago (glad that didn't strand us on our Cali trip!). I left the Voyager with the Butterfields to fix the AC and look at the rumbly exhaust system....

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