Tuesday, January 13, 2015

"M" is for More Memories


It's been just over two years. We've held two more Rocky Russo Memorial Races, each one smaller than the last. Last year's had fourteen or fifteen participants, I forget how many. This year's had ten participants but only nine cars. Two guys shared one car. Last year, my friend Don Haase Sr won the race, after a ten lap race-off with me to break a tie! He beat me by five feet. This year, our friend, Mike Kelly, won and I took third place, with 737 laps, with our friend "Rapid Rob" taking second place with 744 laps. Mike Kelly had 751 laps. That was for a race of 56 minutes (seven minute heats), or c. one percent difference between each of the podium finishers. Close! Last year's race was a "4.1 second breakout" race, wherein your laps counted as long as you didn't lap quicker than 4.1 seconds. In fact, that is how Don Haase ended up beating me during the "race-off": with only two of us on the track, I had more trouble keeping under the 4.1 breakout. Midway into the ten lap race-off, I was THREE laps ahead of Don, because he got punked out by me on the first lap in the donut, then broke out twice. I laughed, then broke out myself, then he broke out again, then I laughed too much too soon and broke out three more times, evening us up, and he was, as I say, five feet ahead of me when the power shut off.

That's it for memories of slot cars during the last two years. I have many more memories, but nothing is going into this neglected blog.

I have several more grandchildren. Teagan (adopted by Jammon and Melanie), Caleb (Suzanna and James') and Corabelle (Alex and Tamara's). Cute!

I have new dentures, as of 5 December last year. Pretty used to them by now. Nine teeth survive, all on the bottom, all in front. They are what keep the partial lower denture fixed in place, thank God.

Last year was also the year from hell car maintenance-wise. Almost I regret having old vehicles. But when you have taken good care of the cars you've got, and know what has gone into them, and what is already taken care of, you do get to expect some higher costs. Well, we got really slammed last year, actually starting late in 2013. All through the year, right up to and including last week, hardly a month has gone by that we haven't had one or both vans in getting something repaired. Notably, both have brand new five year warranty batteries (not quite a year old yet). The Ford has rubber hoses replacing the pipes that went to the rear heater. New shocks and new tires all around (ouch!). A new starter motor. And the rest I forget. The Voyager has a new head (ouch!), new alternator and I forget what else besides. Anyway! Add just that up and you get the idea. Our savings got totally cleaned out. We had no Xmas to speak of. Oh, well.

Health remains good. "Everything works and nothing hurts", is my daily prayer of thanks. Everything else besides that one is extra bennies, really!